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Number 08:  Priss:  Number Eight Babe!

Lean back just a little more... Please?

Reason:  Priscella Asagiri is the epitome of a "Red Hot Momma". She'sPriss (lying awake thinking of me) hip, tough and sexy to the extreme, and she knows it. She flaunts her abilities and gifts in the faces of those less fortunate all the time. This just makes her even more desirable. *Groooowl!*

Priss has it going on all the time. It seems that she never stops! First (and foremost), she is the lead singer in the kick-ass band Priss and the Replicants. They rock the casbah something fierce with songs like "Konya Wa Hurricane", "Konya Wa Rossman!""Victory", and "Mad Machine". And Priss knows how to put on a great show at her concerts. It's no wonder that her fans (and the judges) love her! Second, she is a member of the all female foxy fighting force, the Knight Sabers. While the rest of the Sabers are cute, or attractive in their own way, it's Priss' attitude and lust for vengeance that sets her above and way beyond their reach. Priss is a babe.... the rest of the Knight Sabers are merely "girls" or "women".

Priss plays with the big boys too. You'd better get out of her way when she gets into her mecha body suit as she tends to take out all of her aggressions on Genom and their Boomers (and sometimes even the AD Police). Of all her colleagues she even has the coolest Hard Priss....uh, I mean HardSUIT Priss.looking hard-suit, and she's not afraid to use it. While some of her friends seem a bit reluctant to get into uniform and start busting ass, Priss will have already been to the battle and back with a few Boomer heads as trophies.

She doesn't let her fame go to her head (fame from being a Knight Saber or for being Priss of Priss and the Replicants) as she seems to do both for the sheer pleasure of doing exhilarating and dangerous things (our judges are quick to point out that Bubblegum Crash never really existed..... it just sucked too much). She can think quick on her feet but she usually chooses to go for You're singing for me, aren't you Priss?the direct approach when it comes to either work or pleasure. She just keeps getting better and better, doesn't she?

While being the toughest member on the Knight Sabers team Priss is also the most loyal and emotional. Even though she could have left the Knights a long time ago to fully pursue her music career (something which would have skyrocketed to the moon if her "friends" didn't keep interrupting her concerts to get her to help their sorry asses catch a malfunctioning Boomer or two [which seems to happen every thirty minutes or so in MegaTokyo]), she chooses to stay with them and help them clean up the city. They owe her big time!



In Her Own Words:  "Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? I do kick ass, but only ass that's already been asked to be kicked. I guess I have to thank the judges for nominating me, but c'mon, who else would they vote for? Nene? Ha ha ha ha! Trust me, she'd be laughing too.

The suit that kick starts my heart.

"And a special thank you to all my fans out there who love my music and believe in me and my revenge on Genom *sniff!* It means so much to me to know that people like you accept and support a gal in her quest for bloodshed and death. Thank you all!"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the lovely and talented Priss: the number eight AniBabe of all time.

Hey Priss!  Show me that double-barrel action again, huh?
Priss got the big guns!

Priss looking sharp and HOT and sexy on a bike.
Hey, baby. Wanna...... go to town? I'll drive^_^
I wonder if she can handle any more power than that between her legs.

Hey, uh, Priss. Have you been keeping to that Special K diet, or have you found my stash of Snacky Cakes again?

They'll always have the highway.
You know, Priss, it's illegal to love a bike. So why not love me instead?

She's yellow, and she's dressed like Misato Katsuragi!!!  Not that the second part is all that bad.
Remember, kids, this is NOT Priss, okay? This is what we in the know refer to as "wrong".

Now it's time to feast your eyes on the rest of the winners of the Ultimate Tribute to Anime - Babedom. The Top Ten Anime Babes of All Time!!!!!

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