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The Top Ten   
Anime Babes

Dance, Minmay!  Dance like you mean it!  Dance like you want to win!       










The Top Ten Anime SKANKS!    

Number 01:  Whoo-Hoooo!  Go Minmay, go Minmay!!!!

Minmay, with that raven-black hair.  Whadda babe!

Reason: Minmay is known as "The Voice That Saved the Universe" and the voice that tamed the Giants, or something. I don't recall any of the other babes doing anything so constructive with their lives or talents. So what if she shacked up with her cousin for a couple of years, she Gotta love that foxy Minmay!!was able to toy with the hearts of men and Zentradi the galaxy over. She's such a little minx isn't she.

Now just to set things straight here, the Minmay here is the Super Dimentional Fortress: Macross Minmay, not the Robotech Minmay. There's a big difference. The Robotech Minmay is a whiney little crybaby who never deserved the mega- super- stardom she acquired (especially with crappy songs like Stagefright and We Will Win...... What the hell was up with that?), while the Macross Minmay is a great Idle, uh, I mean Idol singer who could at least belt out a decent tune now and again (and her voice didn't make the audience want to commit mass ritual suicide). 0G Love, Love- Do You Remember, My Boyfriend is a Pilot and her best song ever Cinderella, may have been ultra sugary but they were fun to listen too and not painful on the eardrums.











Oh man, we're sorry but we can't go on with this -

*Just kidding!*

Looks like we "Shocked the Monkey"

Whoa! Minmay, don't take it so hard. We're really sorry that we had to do this to you, but we had to keep the readers on their toes and we thought that by slapping them in the face with something like this would wake them up faster than throwing a rabid ferret in the bath-tub with them just as they were starting to relax. Nothing personal, okay?

Oh, that's it little girl!  You're goin' down now!

Oh, that's really mature. Well we'll send your regards to the real number one when we get to the link below.



In Her Own Words: "*Sniff* I can't believe how cruel you guys can be. *Sob!* This is the worst thing that has ever happened to me, even disappearing in the MegaRoad-01 was better than this heartless joke! You bastards! I hope all of you go to hell! *Waaaaaaaah!*"


Wow, she took that much better than I thought she would. Any way, it's now time to check out the real number one AniBabe of All Time.





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#1 Anime Babe of All Time

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Quickie Minmay Links:

Lynn Minmay Hompage This guy tells it like it is. He praises the real Minmay and trashes the American Linn Minmei. Why the hell did they change her name like that anyway?
The Macross Compedium
Find out what happened to the real Minmay, not the Macek Minmay.
A Lynn Minmay Daydream Our Beloved little song bird has her own page. Ahhhhhh.
The Temple of Lynn Minmay If you want to you can worship her a bit longer, or you can check out the real number one AniBabe. Your call.

And Ladies and Gentlemen, Heeeeeeeeere's MINMAY!

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