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Number 10:  Sharon Apple:  Number 10!

The Computer Babe With the Parts That Stole My Heart!

Reason:  This digital diva is almost everything a man could want in a babe. She's very hot, dedicated to whatever she sets her mind to (be that Sharon in "redhead" form.  I like redheads^_^putting on a concert, hypnotizing the world, or trying to kill her lover), and the most popular idol singer that the galaxy has ever known! She may be a bit psychotic, but in a good way. She uses this "psychosis" to give others pleasure and to make them feel things that they have never felt before. Like.......oh, I don't know - DEATH. But that's only a minor ranking problem.

She's one of the smartest supercomputers ever made, and when she is able to hook up to something even more powerful (say like the Worldwide Macross Computer Oh, Sharon baby!  I'm coming!  Please wait for me!System, or U.N.Spacey's Satellite Defense System), she is almost unstoppable. Imagine the possibilities that she could make reality! She could give her lover anything he desired, be that money, power, or death (that seems to keep popping up, doesn't it?).

She can take on any physical form that she wants (her imagination is as limitless as her intelligence) and I'm sure that creating a real body would be no problem what-so-ever for this Virturoid Idol... Hmmmmmmm. Have I got some ideas for her:-o

Her singing and music (although not really hers, they're Myung's) are prettyOoooh!  Aaaaah!  The RX576-BS3400E fighter thingy! good in and of themselves, but that's not all our Sharon Apple Advanced Model comes equipped with. Oh no-siree-bob. If you order right now, we'll throw in this Ghost Fighter RX-77-GR0083 something or other fighter plane!  Boy can this thing rock the casbah! It's sleek, fast, and it has the (maybe a lil' loopy) mind of the #1 idol singer in the galaxy in it!

I love it when you look at me that way!  Groooowl!While Sharon may not be the kind of girl one brings home to meet Mom and Dad (well, you'd first have to find her a body, or something), who cares! That's not the reason she's a Top Ten Babe! She may have a few minor thought-processing problems, but nothing that a good hacker couldn't fix. Just have 'em surf into her electronic personality and add a few things in, like "Sharon Apple likes kittens", and more importantly, "Sharon Apple will NOT  kill her boyfriend. Repeat: Will NOT  kill her boyfriend." If she can take over a city, she can sure as hell take over my heart!

And there you have it, computerized perfection in slinky hologram form. Sharon Apple: Number Ten.



In Her Own Voice: "What an honor! I'm soooooo incredibly happy that I think I'll try my best to repay all of you judges out there who voted for me with the greatest emotion you've ever felt.

Look into the center of the image....deeply ......longfully need the light ......come into the light ......stick your finger in the socket ......become one with the glorious li-*" ----------------Uh, sorry 'bout that, folks. Just give us a minute to modify and maybe tweak her primary objectives away from mass murder. There, that should do it.
"I love you all!! I will not kill anybody. I am so happy to be number ten. I will not kill anybody."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is our Sharon Apple.

Sharon out for a good time in ole Macross.
Boy does Sharon know how to cruise around town or what?

Sharon's Sexy Symbol  Her eyes can see right through me.
Whether she's in her Human Form, Cross Symbol Form, or hell, even just a computer, Sharon rocks my world!!

Hey, baby.  Huh-huh huh-huh.
Hey, Sharon. Can you come over and help me with my homework? Oh yeah, and can you wear that dress too?

A brave new world.
This AniBabe can even create her own personal world! I'm not just thinking of the kinky possibilities here....well, not entirely.

Now it's time to feast your eyes on the rest of the winners of the Ultimate Tribute to Anime - Babedom. The Top Ten Anime Babes of All Time!!!!!

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