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Top Ten Skanks!    

Only the Best of the Best can be a TOP TEN BABE! 
The Top Ten Anime Babes of All Time page is proud to present you with:

And only the worst can be a Top Ten Skank!

Welcome to the

Anime Babe (ah-knee' may  bay'b): [noun] A female from the anime universe who possesses great beauty, a marvelous attitude, and the ability to act upon her desires to acquire that which she wants most (whatever that may be).

Anime Skank (ah-knee' may SKANK!): [noun] A female from the anime universe who possesses the unprecedented ability to make one cringe in their mere presence or solely at the mention of their name. This cringing can be brought on by a number of things including but not limited to: hideous laugh; annoying habits; painful physical features; uncontrollable stupidity; the denseness of hard lumber; powers beyond their incompetent control; personality (or lack there of); bad attitudes; and the thought that they are soooooo that when it is achingly obvious that they are not.
  [adjective] To be full of "skanktitude" or "skankbility" (ex: Daaaaamn, check out that anime skank chick over there! What the hell's up with that?).

The Rules for Picking the Top Ten Anime SKANKS of All Time:

  • Rule Number One:  Must be made of ink and paint, yadda yadda yadda.
  • Rule Number Two:  Looks have nothing to do with being a Skank. Skanks come in all sizes, shapes and physical appearances (although one can be a Skank for being horrendously ugly it is not the only qualification).
  • Rule Number Three:  They must make anime viewers cringe with their mere presence or even at the very hint of their existance (see definition above for more info on how this is possible) or possibly fatally convulse in horror.

Well, that's it. Only three rules for Skanks. You don't need much more though, do you? I mean, you get the picture, right? These uh, females (for lack of a better and more descriptive term) of the anime universe are just plain skanky. So join us for a shudder or full body convulsion or two as we take a stroll down skankdom lane!

The roles of the Judges

  There were only about 40 judges from the original Top Ten Babes voting who we were able to get back in touch with again without fear of death threats or lawsuits who then voted for the Top Ten Anime Skanks of All Time. The rest were concerned citizens who donated their time and energy to warning the world of the skanktitudness that was ravaging the anime community....... or something. And the Mega-Playboy.
  Each of the judges got to vote for as many Skanks as they wanted to. Although not many wanted to think about them for very long so they were only able to get out one or two names before shivering and falling to the ground with fear and choking on their own vomit. The judges also had to give adequate reason why they made the choices that they did, but that was fairly easy...... They're SKANKS!!!!!!!
  The votes were then tallied up and a winner was quickly decided. The judges were not feeling too well so we just let them go home and made them watch some Tenchi Muyo and Urusei Yatsura as a kind of animated chicken noodle soup.

A Quick Word From Our Judges

  Before we get on with the countdown our judges wanted you to know that these Skanks have nothing to do with the Anti-Anime Babe. Women like Belldandy and such are not Skanks. They do have redeeming qualities. They just aren't "Babes".
  A Skank is so much worse than just somebody who is considered more "cute" than "hot".
  These Skanks are painful. It is also recommended that if you have a weak heart or you're pregnant that you click away now! We can't be held accountable for any mental or physical damage you sustain by viewing this page.
  It is also recommended that you only take one (or two at the most) Skank(s) at a time. If you go too far too fast you might hemorage to death or worse.
  You have been warned.


Runners Up

  And now it's time to introduce the runners up (in no particular order). These Skanks came very close to making the Top Ten, but for one reason or another they fell just shy of placing in this very tough competion (tougher than we could have thought!). Without further ado.....

Talk about too much Taco Bell!  Holy smokes!
Oh for crying out loud! I bet she's letting one rip right now!
 Kotomi Takanashi
  I think you know why. This, uh, chick from DNA^2 has all the bodily control of a ninety-eight year old grandmother! Dear God!  She has the charm of a retarded baboon and she has the grace of a fruit bat on crack (not to mention her main problem, which if you don't know yet you'll have to check out a DNA^2 page.... We just don't want to think about it anymore.)

Mihoshi (the TV Version)
  Hmmmmmm, which block of wood is thicker: one of Ayeka's Guardians or Mihoshi's head? I'd have to go with Mihoshi as did a lot of the other judges.
  She may be the ultimate blonde bombshell, but Washu-chan must've performed some anti-evolution experiment or something on this walking brick. Just looking at her picture now causes brain cells to *pop* and/or float out one's ears... AAAAAARRRRRRRGH! Make it stop!
  Her total stupidity may have been forgivable if she had any kind of personality to make up for it...... but she doesn't. They should just let Ryoko kill her and be done with it. Damn I feel sorry for Kiyone.
(Remember, this is not the sweet and lovable "OAV Mihoshi", this is the ignorant and moronic TV Mihoshi. Biiiiiiiig difference.)

 Don't even get me started.
"Duh, which way did he go? Which way did he go?" A little juvenile, maybe. But isn't Mihoshi?

Lufy. Ha ha ha ha ha!  Ah.
Whatta waste of space.
  Okay, I must admit I initially didn't really have anything against this one personally, but some psycho wrote in and demanded that I make her a Top Ten Babe. So a couple of the judges and I went out and rented the original Gall Force just to see how "hot" she was. That was when we found a new runner up for the Top Ten Skanks!
  Every scene she was in made us either laugh, solemnly shake our heads in disgust, or just lose our Taco Bell Gorditas we had for lunch. Oye, what an afternoon! She almost ruined the Ten Little Gall Force too. Geez whatta skank!

And now it's time for the Top Ten Anime Skanks of All Time!
(Brace yourself.)


  Legally brain dead, more annoying than dog crap in your yard, able to make good girls do bad and stupid things to be her friend (she must be a witch too to cast such an evil spell) and one of the most un-cute or unatractive being in the anime universe.... Need we say more.
  She deserves the number ten spot (if not anything higher). I think that we're all a little stupider for having known her and her pathetic cries for attention and may God have mercy on her soul.

Yo quiero Taco Bell!
Dear Lord! She even has skanky breath!

"Hey! I'm s'posed to be so #%*@ sweet that I'll make you puke! Problem is I just make you puke."

Chibi Usa

  Like mother like daughter. Only "mother" wasn't as wretchedly vexatious (look it up) and didn't make you want to vote "Yes" so much to support child abuse as "daughter". I mean, how many of you wanted to slap the bejesus out of this little snot the moment she showed up in SMR?..... See?
  That pink hair has gotta go too. If only one of those monsters of the week were a barber and shave her mishapen head down to stubble, that might help.
  Add to that the fact that she turned on her own mother and friends and even tried to kill them (evil spell my ass!) and you'll understand why she's the number nine Skank of All Time.

Princess Fatora

  My my my. Where do we start with this one? How about: She is often mistaken for a man; she's flatter than Tokyo after Godzilla has dinner on it; she hates animals; she hates men; she hates everybody around her and seems to get herself kidnapped faster than a monkey snorting crack causing her acquaintences to have to rescue her from those gay looking Bugrom thingies that seem to totally plague El Hazard worse than Moroboshi on Tomobiki-cho. It seems her skankiness never ends.
  I bet you're asking yourself right now "If someone like Fatora is only number eight, who the hell is higher on the list?" Man are you in for a rough ride. Chug some more Pepto and hold your breath 'cause there's a lot more where this one came from.

Hmmmm, a lesbo skank, huh.
Fatora or Makoto?
You know she'd hate you too if you ever met her.

Geez! She's even mean to animals! Whatta skankticious feminist lesbo. (Not that there's anything wrong with lesbians, just skanky feminist ones)


.................Dear Kami-sama, save us all.


  Our main question has always been "How could such pure hideousness and maliciousness spawn a great grand-daughter as fine as Xi'An Pu?" Cologne could and has stopped many a clock yet she goes on thinking that she still has all the goods (well, she did look shweet when she was young, but that was a looooong time ago) that make her descendant so fine.
  Cologne is also too powerful and unstoppable for her appearance. We thought it was an anime law that only attractive anime females were allowed to have that much power at their disposal (and if they ever actually were pretty, but got progresively ugly that their strength and ability lessened along with their beauty) . We were sadly mistaken.

Nadia of Atlantis

  You know we're getting serious now when we pull out the big guns like this. Nadia has virtually nothing (nada zip) going for her at all except for the fact that she's in a helluva a kick ass show. She does try her best to ruin it though just by being herself.
  She treats those that may care for her like slime and she's a vegan too (not that there's anything wrong with that *snicker*, just that she takes it waaaaaay too far all the friggin' time), not to mention that she doesn't have an original bone in her body! Check out Nadia, and then see Sheeta and Pazu's wonderful jewel journey to the land of her heritage (which was made years before might we add).
  They should've just made the Bluewater show about Grandis and made everybody a helluva lot happier, well everybody except la puta, Nadia. Why the hell did Jean and/or anybody else let even one episode go by without slapping the lil' skank? I mean, she even killed her father! *Urgch!* Oh... no! Stayed.... too long on Nadia.... gunna ralph!

King is wondering if anybody'd miss her if he killed her at that moment.  Be our guest^_^
We told you she wasn't the least bit original! She's ripping off Kimagure right now even!

4 psychos to go.
What a psycho hose beast! Well, half hose.


  Psychotic (not in a good way), vengeful (again, not in a good way), and neurotic way beyond a fault. That just begins to describe our least favorite Zaibach skank. She was even a man for a good portion of her life! Boy oh boy, and I just got over the Crying Game too.
  She/he's a psychopathic schizophrenic fecalphiliac who needs some Prozac and a straight jacket... or simply an execution. Whichever's cheaper. Not to mention that she/he's also the sister/brother of Allen (the wussmaster) Schezar. That is one of the most screwed up families I've ever had the displeasure of knowing.

(Judges note: Even though Dilandau is half male, he/she/it was originally and eventually a female. This is why Ran-chan isn't elligible or he/she'd be number one)

Yui and Miaka

  Wow! A tie for number four. These two skanks have virtually the same (skanktastic) attributes, it was impossible to vote for one over the other. Both lust after the closest man to them. Both then treat this man like slime whenever he's stupid enough to take their advances seriously. Both are gullible as hell and believe the dumbest things people ever tell them. Yui's a nutcase and Miaka's the poster child for gluttony. They do make a great pair, don't they?
  They also both get in eachother's way and always screw up the other's plans to either get home or kill the other. How unfriendly-like (ruining the other's plans I mean).

I know I'm only hoping, but maybe they're both dead^_^
I don't even want to know what they're doing here.

Truly a monument in skantitude.
*Gag!* Uh, I don't feel so good....... Ugh.

Hikaru Hiyama

  I don't think there's anyone out there who never once wanted to beat the living s*** out of this butch looking skank. As for her reasons for being number 3? Well, just check out Madoka on the Top Ten Anime Babes page, read her reasons, and put the exact opposite of that for Hikaru. Truly a skank among skanks.
  I forget which page I read it on, but somebody else put it best when they said "She looks like a monkey". Yes, she truly does.

Mai Shiranui

  Oh - My - Gawd. Mai is skankiness incarnate. It's a matter of too much "A" and waaaaay too much "T".
  The only people who like this jiggling mound of Jell-O are horomonally overcharged pre-pubescent losers who are too young to buy The Overfiend or La Blue Girl.
  Stop writing in and demanding that this tower of skanktiwonder be a
Top Ten BABE. It's just never going to happen. People would never trust Edward Asner or John Bobbitt's taste in anime again if they ever voted for the waste of paint that you see on the right. Mai is a skank. End of story. She's not attractive in the least (silicone filled garbage bags have less jiggle than this b****), she's always getting into trouble like a Disney chick and she's almost as dumb as TV's Mihoshi! All you Mai-lovers out there need to get a freaking clue and some Stridex. I just wish that the artists would finally get a clue themselves and go out and buy a bunch of turpentine and dunk all the remaing cells that exist of this skanky toon in one swift move... They would do the world a great service.

Boingy Boingy Boingy!
You really don't have to ask, do you?

And the Number One Anime Skank of All Time Is:

Minmay, number one skank?!?!  Nani?

Lynn Minmay!!!!!!!!


Damn you people are sooooooo easy. I can't believe you fell for that again! Oh well, check out below for the real number one Skank.














 Real #1
Too... much.... BOINGY!!!
She's just too skanky for only one placement in the countdown.

 Mai Shiranui

  That's right! You're not seeing things! Mai is sooooooo damn skanky that she's number one as well^_^ It was a tough call, but in the end we know we did the right thing..... Now, we don't feel so good, so we're gunna stop and watch some anime without any skanks in it. We advise that you do the same. Or you can go on the the Pages of Beauty: the Top Ten Anime Babes of All Time and purge this evil page from your memory. Hurry! Don't look back!!!!!!!! Trust me, it's for the best.

And there it is. Now you know how we judge which girls are the worst of the worst. We hope you didn't endure any lasting scars and that you live a long skank-free life.

Now it's time to feast your eyes on the winners of the Ultimate Tribute to Anime - Babedom. The Top Ten Anime Babes of All Time!!!!!

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Or go to the Rules and Runners Up Page


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Thank you.

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