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Number 05:  Ifurita:  The Best Albino Babe

Ifurita: Reved up and ready to go!

Reason:  Ifurita is almost pure perfection! Not only is she the highest ranking fabricated female (and the only albino) on the Blue hair - Check. Cool outfit - Check. DestructoKey - Check.  Well, baby, I think you're ready to cause some damage.countdown but she's one of the most powerful women in several dimensions. She's gorgeous with looks that are both exotic and dangerous but ever so tempting. And her wardrobe is wickedly rugged with a choice selection of blues and blacks that compliment her eyes and hair perfectly.

Ifurita is known as the "Demon God(dess)" in El Hazard and for good reason too. She can lay waste to an entire city with only a blast or two from her key-rod of havok whenever she wants (she only toys with those who claim to be her "master"). She can learn magic and spells that are used against her simply by watching them be cast and she's virtually indestructable (sure she may need a couple of winds from the Ifurita got back!ole key now and then to keep her functional, but she doesn't need any other kind of sustenance, her food bills must be miniscule!). She may also need to be oiled up a bit once in a while, but hey, that could be considered "fun time" and not "chore time"!

Like Sharon Apple, she is basically a super-computer. She is rational almost to a fault, but she has also learned to find and use her emotions-chip to act and think more like a human being. A human being able to fly and zap and kill a lot of people at once, but a human being none the less.

One of Ifurita's greatest capabilities is her ability to love someone/thing beyond what a regular person is capable of. She is ready and willing to sacrifice her life in order to save her love. In fact, she drifted around aimlessly in space and time for millenia so that she could finally meet and send back in time and space the love of her life so that they could meet and start the destruction of her world and then stop it because he could see through her into her soul and free her from that putz Jinnai's control who she brought to El Hazard with Makoto and then she could sacrifice her life to go through time and space for a millenia or two or ten and meet her love and.......... uh, and she could keep it all straight too. Damn she's Twirl, baby, twirl!!  Show off your stick, baby!smooth!

Another impressive fact about our beloved model XVW0083 Ifurita is that in a world inhabited by what seems to be nothing but hot AniBabes she stood out so much as a babe beyond most babes! From the Priestesses of the Mount, to the hot assassins and the cute Princesses, this Demon God was so far beyond them in babe-magnitude it was almost ridiculous (not to mention the fact that she could [and did] kick their butts as if they were nothing but those whiney little Sailor Scouts [without Sailor V of course]).

Ifurita is under factory warranty for another 500 years too. So in case she ever did run into something that could possibly cause a scratch of damage to Such a cold and calculating look on her puss....Damn does that turn me on!her (however totally unlikley that possibility may seem), she can get a touch up and a tune up and be on her way. No doctor's bills, no medication, just a key wind and a quick change of her filter and she's once again ready to start chewing gum and kicking ass..... and she never really liked chewing gum.

A Demon God, a world destroyer, a world savior and a devouted lover all rolled into one. That, ladies and gentlemen, is our beloved Ifurita: number Five Anime Babe of all time!



In Her Own Words: "Thank you, humans. Even though I am unable to comprehend your logic in the necessity to rank females of my kind in a democratic contest of beauty and brawn I still feel surprisingly good about the fact that I have placed as number five.

Ifurita in a hurry to slap someone around or something.

"Hear this judges, if you should ever need a Demon Goddess' help in destroying any of your enemies or rivals do not hesitate in asking for my help. I will put the kibosh on them faster than you could say 'Our destruction is upon us.' Once again I must give you thanks for this wonderful opportunity and for making me seem more real."

Ain't she cute? That's our beloved Ifurita, Demon Goddess/World Killer extraordinare.

Two!  Two!!  Two Ifuritas in one!
Even though all our judges were in agreement that the only real Ifurita is the one from the OAVs, you have to admit that the TV Ifurita is still pretty cute^_^

Oh Ifurita, please play for me, I mean PRAY for me.
"Dear Kami-sama, I have sinned. I have killed millions of people and destroyed worlds. Oh yeah, it's also been 15,000 years since my last confession."

The Rossman and the number five babe!
Whoo-hoo! Well guys, it looks like I bagged her. See, that's my trade - marked "Oni-Coat" and my green hair. Actually, I just stole her key. But hey, I'll take it anyway I can get it ^_^

Now it's time to feast your eyes on the rest of the winners of the Ultimate Tribute to Anime - Babedom. The Top Ten Anime Babes of All Time!!!!!

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