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Number 04:  Misato: Tamer of the BEAST!

This awesome pic of Misato-san was drawn by Tony at "Tony Tiny World " (link at bottom)

Reason:  Misato Katsuragi kicks ass and takes no prisoners! She's Misato pretending she's in "You're Under Arrest!"very attractive, she's got a great athletic bod, and she has purple hair. Trust me, our judges love purple hair. She's a Colonel in charge of strategy and tactics in NERV, which means she has a brain, a gun, and a license to kill. What more could you ask for in a babe?

Misato really has it going on. She may act like a shut in or a ten year old sometimes, but who wants a pure millitary woman? Her personality is as varied as there are different shapes of Angels. This doesn't imply that she's a schizo, just that she's a fun person to hang around with (unless you do something to really piss her off, but since that's "Do not, repeat NOT try to do anything to the penguin or I will shoot!"pretty hard to do unless you attempt to hurt her charges [Shinji, Pen^2, Asuka, or Rei] we'll just leave that out of the equation for now).

Katsuragi is also a major party animal. She loves to let loose and forget about NERV and her job when she's off duty, although she only does this within her small social circle of friends and acquaintences. She's not one for large crowds or strangers. She lovesAhhhhhh!  Boa Beer.  Ain't no better. to drink (even though recently she tried to give it up) and often gets drunk before breakfast. Does she know how to live fast or what? One of the best things about Misato is the fact that she doesn't really care what others think about her. She is who she is and there ain't nobody who can change her.

The off duty Misato and Colonel Katsuragi appear to be two very different people. As an officer in NERV (Earth's Misato Katsuragi: Angel Killer extrodinare.last best defense against Angels and Otaku-funk) Misato is a very capable individual able to make split second difficult decisions that end up saving millions of lives. She has also shown that she is more than willing to place her life on the line for any of her fellow NERV employees and friends. And let's not forget the main reason why she's even in NERV: Revenge against the Angels for killing her father at the Second Impact. Revenge and babes go well together. Having revenge push a babe over the edge is like a " Hey, you got peanut-butter on my chocolate" kind of combination. It's good fun to watch babes bust their butts to kill something out of pure spite.

And what babe would be complete without a fine feathered friend livingI think Pen^2 needs a refill, Misato. in her fridge? Misato is cool for being the sidekick to Shin Seiki Evangelion's greatest hero and lovely penguin, PenPen. She's his confidant and drinking buddy and she's always looking out for him (hey, she even had Kaji ship him via UPS to the hot springs so he could waddle around and swim with his friends for an afternoon). Wow, yet another babe who's kind to children and animals. This might catch on.

Responsible slacker, fun-loving military girl; that's Misato Katsuragi, number four AniBabe of all time.



In Her Own Words: ..............................

Misato poppin' the brewsky before the old interview (by Tony Tiny)
"Hey, give me a minute with this. *Glug! Glug! Glug! Glug!* Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh yeah, that did it. Now, what was this all 'bout?"

Uh, you're supposed to say something about how you feel now that you've been elected the number fo-

"Okay, okay, s'okay. I got it I got it to do start here. *Hic* Ummmm, I like this page, it's got purple in it. I mean a lot of purple. Did you know*Hic!*  The service around here sucks!  Waitress, pour me another Yebish ASAP! my hair is purple? It is, and it's not a dye job like Rit-chan's is. But that's okay for her, 'cause she don' like to be blonde..... I mean she don't like to be brown, she's a blonde now."

Yes, uh, we know. Misato-san, would you mind just staying off the sauce for a little bit and then we can try this again later, hmm?

"What are you talkin' 'bout?!?! I can finish this up lickity-spick.... Spit.... Slip!.... Split! Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug!There, see, s'no problem. So, uh I wanna thank the people judges who voted me best penguin- Ha! I said 'pengie'. That's funny. Uh so I'm a babe, and I like beer. I mean I like Yebisssssshhhhh Beer, there's a big ole difference between BOA, what I feed Shinji-kun, and what I drink myself. Yebisssssshhhhhh is the king of, uh-" *Thud!*

Oh, man! Somebody get her off the floor. No! Don't let Asner do it (the old perv)! Larry, drag her to her dressing room and feed her some Curry when, uh, if she wakes up. Sorry folks, but I think that's all we're gunna get out of her (besides her lunch in a bit). So let's remember her for all she's done for humanity and not for the mess she's currently making all over the porcelain god in her room (I hope that Larry cleans that up too).

Misato doing her "I Dream of Jeanie" impression.
I like Misato in casual wear much more than her NERV uniform (there's a lot more belly-button showing in her personal wardrobe).

I hope she doesn't scratch up her paint job with those heels.
Wow! Misato had so many career opportunities open to her. She could have even been one of those babes who sits on top of cars for magazines and auto shows. She's a babe of many talents.

She even likes to play dress-up every once in a while.
Hey, Misato. I think you got your wardrobe mixed up with Asner's. He says he wants his skirt back. Oh yeah, he's wearing your bathing suit right now too.

 Twist and shout!  Yow! "Don't f*** with me."
Misato has a smile that can light up any room.... Too bad it's usually alcohol induced.

Now it's time to feast your eyes on the rest of the winners of the Ultimate Tribute to Anime - Babedom. The Top Ten Anime Babes of All Time!!!!!

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