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Number 03:  Ginrei VonVogler: The Esper of My Heart.

Ginrei is an Expert of Justice (a gruelling job!)

Reason:  Ginrei is the leggy, green haired beauty of Interpol's Experts of Justice Peking Branch. So not only is she unbelievably hot, but she's Ginrei the Beautiful.  Did I ever tell you that my favorite color is 'green'?  Well it is.totally fearless and tough as nails. She has proven time and again that she is far from the weakest Expert, and is probably even more powerful than most of the Celestial Nine (I mean hey, she's like the only good guy who actually made it to the last episode- besides the main man Kenji). She also has a very troubled past that she is able to leave behind her. She may not be able to forget it (Jeez, it was pretty tramatic don't you think? I mean an entire country was destroyed right before her eyes!), but Ginrei's definitely strong enough to go on living and save the world despite of it. Damn that Shizuma to cause such hurt in our fair warrioress!

Ginrei's so tough in fact that she is actually two Experts of Justice! Big Ginrei or Iron Mask?  I'd have to go with Ginrei.Fire thinks that it has two enemies instead of one (although I think Ginrei would be able to kick the entire BF Organization's ass by herself if Chujo would let her). First she's known as herself, Ginrei the Beautiful, but she's also known as the Mysterious Iron Mask. Iron Mask is one of the most feared Experts by Big Fire..... And they don't even know the half of it.

Our lovely Ginrei also has one more important thing going for her, she appears to be one of the only anime babe in existance with good taste in men. Although this is only a bonus (boyfriends and what each babe finds attractive in the opposite sex hold no bearing in the decision of the judges), it is pretty rugged to see that Oh, Ginrei!  Whatever the weather, it's always Springtime when you're near.a babe does not have choose the most loser-esk man for a boyfriend. I mean, she totally dissed Tetsegyu (hell, she even gave Genya her gun to shoot him with!). It's no less than the mighty "Black-Whirlwind" deserved (loser). And don't forget who her real boyfriend is..... Kenji Murasame. The Immortally cool pink fedora wearing Frenchie. He's just an immortal kinda guy^_-

Ginrei has done so much for this world, besides looking damn hot! She fights Big Fire whenever the need arrises, She lives with shame and disgrace attached to her name so that humanity may have a better tomorrow, and she protects Daisaku and Giant Robo with her life on a daily basis.... What? You thought it was the other way around? Get serious. Daisaku's even wimpier than the Ox, and even though Robo's pretty cool, he's still only controlled by short stuff. It's up to Ginrei to To have Ginrei in the palm of my hand like that.... I'd give my left their butts, which she does by using her ESPer power (which ultimately ends up almost putting the kibosh on her [although technically her power didn't kill her]) in episodes 6 & 7. Ginrei's got balls enough for the entire Experts of Justice (not just the Peking Branch)!

Add to the mix the fact that her brother is working for BF and is in charge of Operation Night Stand Still and you'll wonder how and why this babe doesn't crack under the pressure of it all...... But then you'll think to yourself, "Hey, it's because Ginrei VonVogler is the number three Anime Babe of All Time!"



In Her Own Words:  "Wow! This is a very nice surprise. I just want to thank all of the little people that made this possible and the GR production staff for finally getting off their asses and finishing episode 7! This really makes all the death, destruction and dismay worth while. And I guess I ought to thank everyone who was slaughtered in Interpol and a special "arrigatou" to Big Fire for doing the slaughtering. I mean, without those sorry sacks of s*** I wouldn't be where I am today.

"Shoot first, ask questions later" - Ginrei's motto

"So to recap: Big Fire, bad; My friends in the Experts of Justice (dead or alive), good (they're good, not their deaths!); Me being number three AniBabe, great; Tetsegyu getting blown away and stomped flatter than a 'possum on the highway, the best (too bad Emanuelle is such a bad shot or he could of at least rid the world of the big assed doofus)! Thank you true believers for voicing your support."

No, thank you Ginrei for being the number three anime babe of all time!

I never wanted to be a towel more in my entire life!
It's a little known fact, but Ginrei is one of the cleanliest babes in the anime universe too!

Oh no!  Ginrei's stuck in fuedal Japan!  Now she'll have to become a geisha girl or something.
Man! I bet that Ginrei's even more handy with those fans than that wussy Professor Go! Hmmmmmm, come to think of it I think that Ginrei's the only cool member of Interpol......well, besides Murasame Kenji of course.

Chinese dress: check.  Long legs: check.  Blue eyes: check.  Ginrei is ready to go.
Hey Ginrei, will you go out with me? Whoa, cool! I'll take that as a "yes"!

Which is more deadly, her charm or her gun?
Rei. Ginrei. Licence to thrill!

Girl stuff.
Oh, Ginrei! I'm sorry to make you wait for my call! I, uh, I swear I wasn't out with the number one babe! I swear to GOD!

She always keeps a few in the freezer
Mmmmmmmm, that looks good! Can I have a lick?


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Oh Ginrei, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind!

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