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Number 06:  Pirotess:  Lovely # Six

Pirotess lookin' sexy with a dragon.

Reason: A lot of you have already voiced your opinions and asked, Strike a pose!"Why Pirotess? Why not Deedlit?" Well, look at her! Pirotess is one hot elf! She's also a heckuva a sorceress and extremely loyal to her lover. What's not to love?

This dark-elf honey knows how hot she is and flaunts it all the time with her incredible ensemble of grays, golds and purples. While she may not be an "elf of nature", she still knows some magic. Whether it be a few protection spells or some spiffy elemental attack spells, the judges agree that the use of any magic is considered "Cool!".

But Pirotess is not limited to magic and simply Fry 'em, Pirotess!  Fry 'em like bacon!looking damn fine to do any harm to her enemies, I mean c'mon, what kind of babe would she be if she couldn't get rough in a serious sword fight or take down a couple of adventerers (i.e. Deedlit, Parn, and the gang) by her lonesome (evil hench-elves don't really count as "help"). The only thing that she seems to fear, and with good reason, is the Berserker Orson. Let's face it, sheGet the f*** outta her way when you see her look like this! may be a bombshell, but she ain't blonde (her hair's more of an off-white) and she ain't stupid.

If one can prove himself to Pirotess as being more powerful, or a more capable fighter, well, you got yourself a new girlfriend. The problem is, not many people (or things, as the case may be) can be considered "better" than our lovely elfling. Those who try and fail end up in a condition that would make death, or getting castrated seem preferable. The only person (or thing for Ahsram is one heck of a lucky stiff!  Damn!that matter) to have ever won Pirotess' admiration and heart seems to be that cool Dark Knight from the Spooner Contine- I mean Marmo Island, Ashram. What a lucky sunuvabitch.

Now Pirotess knows just how good and incredible she is and looks. The best part about her is how she uses this to her advantage. She can get any man to do anything for her that she pleases either through seduction or brute force. For fun she even likes to instigate opponents to attack by merely alluding to the fact that she could kick their butts if she so chose to. This shows how calculating Dear God!! She's even hotter when she's wet!!!!!she can be and how twisted her thinking and rationalizations can be (but in a good way). She never backs down from a fight (like I just said, she starts most of them), and she always wins. She is almost the perfect warrior.

Pirotess is a self-contained explosion of temptation and excitement. She Don't cry, now that I've found you.  Don't cry, take a look around you.rarely smiles, but she's always having fun (mostly at others' expence). She also knows what she wants and goes for it with the ferocity of a tiger. She even sacrificed her life for the one thing/person that meant anything to her, the Dark Dude Ashram.

She's a siren and a vamp who understands the game, but simply chooses to ignore the rules as long as she's winning, and she always is. She's Pirotess, the number six AniBabe of all time.



In Her Own Words: "First of all I must congratulate so many judges for voting for such a fine female specimen such as I, but then I think I have to lop off the heads of those ingrates who voted for those other than this Pirotess. I have no idea what you were thinking, but you won't be thinking it for much longer. They could atleast let the contest for first be up to a match of fisticuffs, but they're apparently afraid of a little bloodshed. Hmmm, in order to rid myself of the shame of number six, I now must mark my arm. This cut will always remain as a reminder of my lowly position as anything less than 'Number One'."

"Uh oh!  How many pints of blood are in the elf body?"

And that, everybody, is Pirotess.

A favor asked of the one and oni Immortal Rossman?  Will he be able to grant it?
-"But Lord Rossman, King of the Oni, art thou not powerful enough to change my ranking to something more suitable for my needs?"

Sadness, disgust, hatred, rage......All that and then some.
What a sad but pretty face. Oh well, maybe next time she'll put out a little more......Hmmmmm, I wonder if that's possible.

That thoughtful expression can mean only one of two things.......
Hmmmm. It looks as if our buxom beauty is planning something against our beloved judges. I hope it's not too painful.

Oops!  Or three.
Well, she may be a babe but she's a really bad sore loser. There goes poor Larry Storch's Takahashi manga collection up in flames.

Pirotess going NOVA!
Save us, Pirotess! Save us with your magg-idge!

Now it's time to feast your eyes on the rest of the winners of the Ultimate Tribute to Anime - Babedom. The Top Ten Anime Babes of All Time!!!!!

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