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Number 02:  Ryoko: The Ultimate Demon Caller!

Ryoko: Gorgeous Pirate, Oni and Heart-Stealer.

Reason: Ryoko is a mega-powered exotic tigress. She's got all the goods, knows that she has them, and uses them like no other. She's fun,Oh Ryoko, please fly me away from all this reality! impulsive and more than a little dangerous if you get on her bad side, but if you get on her good side, she'll follow you into hell and back. Her blue-pointy mane of hair is her trade-mark along with her really cool brightly colored wardrobe (and no matter what she wears, even if it's a long, loose dress, her ample body still shines through and she's still a hot babe!).

Royko is a space pirate beyond all else. Sure she may have taken some seven - hundred odd years off while she rested under the Masaki Temple, But she sure didn't lose her touch. She's genetically altered to be a living weapon (maybe not as powerful as Ifurita, but powerful non- the- less), and she even took down the mighty Kagato Look out!!  Here comes that babe Ryoko with her sword....Ooooh!  Nice outfit!by herself (What? You thought Tenchi did? Ha ha ha ha ha! He wouldn't have even gotten near him if it weren't for Ryoko totally tiring him down first. All he did was tap him with his sword.....but enough of that). She's proven time and time again that she's even more powerful than the Royal Princess of Jurai!

Her energy blasts and lightsword are incredibly destructive weapons that strike fear into the hearts of those that would be her enemies. But besides all this "power" and capability for destuction, Ryoko is really a very kind creature. She goes Oh Ryoko, roll around on the floor again, will ya.  Oh yeah!out of her way to save those she loves and even those she doesn't even care that much for. This only shows that she values life almost as high as she vlaues death and destruction (the judges are quick to point out that they like Ryoko's destructive side a lot more than her caring side).

Another major plus that Ryoko has going for her is that she knows Awe, ain't that the cutest thing you've ever seen?Ryo-ohki. That little cabbit is just the damn cutest thing I've ever seen! Not only is Ryo-ohki Ryoko's pet/little sister, but the hairy little gal can also turn herself into a freaky-looking space craft! I really wish my cat could do that, or at least turn into a corvette or something.

Ryoko can also fly and survive in the vacuum of cold space. She can teleport to anyplace that she's already been too and she also has the ability to call spirits to her aid when she really wants to farg someone up. And if Tenchi ever gives her all Ryoko: Playin' it cool.of her gems back, she would be totally unstoppable. Oh yeah, and her mother is Washu, the most genius scientist in the whole universe who also happens to be a goddess.

She's talented, she's strong, she's incredibly loyal and she has powers that would blow your mind away: She's Ryoko, the number two AniBabe of all time!



In Her Own Words: "Hello, everyone. Well well well, what can I say? You judges have already proven how incredibly irresistable I am, so I don't know what else I can point out. I think they already hit all of my good points. Hmmmmmm, I think they already mentioned my ample bust, and my long long legs. Did they tell you about my golden eyes? My eye color is so popular that even that cute little devil, Oni-chan, Fry her stupid bangs off, Ryoko!buys contacts to match them. The only thing I don't think they've mentioned yet is how much I hate that scrawny and whiney princess, Ayeka!! I wish she were here right now so I could rip her f****** head off and play Ryo-ohki a game of soccer with it! I'd kick her freaking head around so hard and then I'd send it into orbit when I was done! That'd show her!......But I digress. Thank you so much for the votes, but I think I'll take a nap now. I've only had three so far today."

Ryoko, everyone!

Catchin' some rays and catchin' up on her COSMO

Ryoko leads a really tough life. She has to save Tenchi about every five minutes, you know. She's put into dangerous and hazardous conditions all the time and- ......Wait a minute, Hamill put the wrong friggin' picture here!

Ryoko you little devil you
Is she here to be a dragon of the sky, or a dragon of the earth..... No, wait, that's something else isn't it.

Give her some sake, a microphone and let her rip!
Wow! I would have much preferred Ryoko appear in The Fabulous Baker Boys instead of Pfeiffer.

Hey Ryoko, next time stand on her head, it could only improve it.
Oh yeah! I love it when you treat Ayeka like the dirt that she is!

I think I'll wait until she's had a few more, then I'll see about joining her.
Can I get you anything else, Ms. Ryoko? Some more sake? Another towel? Me in your cabana in five minutes?

What can I say, she's a babe!

Just hold that pose a little longer. Are you sure you don't want me to do a nude?

Now it's time to feast your eyes on the rest of the winners of the Ultimate Tribute to Anime - Babedom. The Top Ten Anime Babes of All Time!!!!!

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