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Number 09: SailorV:  Number Nine for VICTORY!!!

Sailor V, now that's one hot tamale!!

Reason:  The Senshi of Beauty and Love, Sailor V (aka Minako Aino) is also the hottest member of an all female fighting team that consists of something like five or six dozen The leggy wonder, Sailor V!women. She's the only one out of all of them that isn't a total clutz, a total bitch or just plain stupid (meaning no common sense). She's also the only senshi not named after a planet (she's named after the goddess of love, "Venus", not the planet "Venus" [as seen with the Japanese characters used for both her and the rest of the senshi]), so chalk one up to being an individual in a sea of conforming women-warriors (Oh yeah, and her transformation scene is the best one too).

Not only is Sailor V very attractive, she's also very tough, and a great team player. Her attacks are devastating to enemies and her friends and fans adore Love me!  Forget the chain!!!her. (*Pssst. It's even a little known fact that Sailor V is the leader of the Sailor Senshi! Cool, huh?*. Our judges are quick to point this out because so many people think that the moron Moonie herself is the team captain and that just made Mina cry. Hell, she even has a cat who's a heck of a lot more likable than Usagi's bitchy kitty, Luna.)

Sailor V is also the first Sailor Warrior to appear on Earth after her reincarnation from her first life as Princess Serenity's (much needed) bodyguard. She fought crimeSailor V to the rescue.  I think I need some mouth to mouth, baby! and other bad things in exotic places like London and Paris (hmmmmm, I wonder if she ever met Kenji) and I'm sure a bunch of other fancy European locales. She never needed any help from a bunch of sailor misfits in Japan. The only reason that she ended up joining them is because she's too nice to say "no" The Leggy Sailor V!and because they needed her. It was never the other way around.

Her Sailor Senshi outfit does her body justice (ooooohhhh, those long legs@_@), but she also looks Sailor, uh I mean Minako in casual attire.great in "real" clothes. That's something most super-hero babes just can't seem to pull off. Most look either too cute or too dumpy in casual attire.

Probably the most rugged thing about Sailor V is that you can't keep her down. I mean she's literally been killed at least a six times, but she always comes back to life, and every single time she does she becomes even more powerful and hot. You go girl!

Mina is street smart, powerful and a good friend to have on your side (we've said she was alluring enough times You can't keep a good Sailor dead.already). Now if only she'd dump the excess baggage in the form of a bunch of annoying teeny-boppers in multicolored school-girl outfits and put her trademarked mask back on (she was wearing that thing looooong before Tuxedo Kamen), she would become everybody's favorite Sailor once more, the loner Sailor V! One of the only reasons that she didn't make it higher on the countdown is that she never joined in any of Uranus' and Neptune's sensual massage sessions... at least not on film. This would have rocketed her straight to number one!!!



In Her Own Voice:  "I just wanted to thank all of my fans out there who voted for me and not for anybody else on the team. Although I love those $#!%heads, uh, I mean Senshi like sisters, none of them deserve to be Number Nine!

Venus Kicking ASS!!!!!!!

"I mean, I'm the only one who can handle things by herself, right? I'm the first to get a video game made after me, right? I even had an animated movie made about me when Usagi and co. were still fighting losers like Zoicite!! I'm just glad that somebody had the brains to elect me for this award...... Although I do have one small question to ask........

V pissed!
"Why the hell aren't I number one?!?!?!?!"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is our Sailor V:  Number Nine AniBabe of All Time.

Sailor V in the Sun!
Oh, Sailor V, you shine brighter than any planet or star or nebula or space gas I've ever seen!

Oh, Mina, you got it going on!
Oh dear God!!!!!!! Noooooooo!!!! Gainax Bunny Ear Syndrome is spreading like wildfire!!!!!! Why, God, why?!?!?!

Artemis is one lucky kitty!
I've never wanted to be a cat more in my entire life!!!!

Oh $#*%, not again.
How many times must she die a horrible death to save all of us?!?! Not that I would take her place, I just want to know.

We'll always love you Venus.
Seeya flipside, Mina.

Now it's time to feast your eyes on the rest of the winners of the Ultimate Tribute to Anime - Babedom. The Top Ten Anime Babes of All Time!!!!!

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