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Number 01(A):  Madoka Ayukawa

A Babe Beyond Babes!  And I actually have her hat pinned up to my door in my apartment^_^

Reason: After you actually got half of the original judges to write in and change their votes, do you really have to ask "Why?"^_~Tea time with Ayukawa!  Two lumps for me^_^
  Madoka Ayukawa is a babe if not THE babe. She is every (sane) man's dream of what the perfect female should be! She's sexy, playful, gorgeous, and devoted as hell to whoever gets on her good side. She never breaks her word (unless it's to Hikaru's doltishly unthought out and selfish request) and would rather suffer internally and alone a broken heart of tragic proportions than ruin her friendship.... well, at least until her teenage hormones get her moving and thinking straight.

  Madoka is also in a class of her own when it comes to style and taste in clothes, men and Casual Madoka goin' wild!anything else. Not only is that red-straw hat (her trademark) a perfect compliment to her sunny-side self, but everything else that she chooses to wear looks like it was made specifically for her delicious little bod^_^
  Not only that, but she's also in love with one of the coolest guys in the anime universe: Kyosuke Kasuga! Her ESPer lover is all that and a cup of joe... or something. He has kick ass telekinetic powers and he has a rugged cat! Jingoro is quite possibly the coolest feline since Nuku Nuku! (*Psst!* It's a little known fact, but Madoka might have ESP powers of her own as seen in the alternate reality episode ^_~)

  And even though the two follow-up movies totally destroyed her lovable capricious and whimsical personality and made her change her role with that Skank, Hikaru, over who was tough and who was Picture Perfect!more of a wuss, Madoka actually pulled it off! While Hikaru wallowed pitifully as the lame, love lorn moron throughout the TV Series and then switched to the slutty bad girl who could take care of herself over the course of the flics, she couldn't do either all that well. Where as Madoka played the tough chick perfectly, and then just fell into the role of "star-eyed school girl" flawlessly. She has proven time and time again that she is not a babe to be taken lightly!

  Now the big question that I'm sure all of you are asking is: "How can a girl become a babe when she's hung out with Hikaru (that Skank) all her life?!?!" Trust me, I've wondered My sweet lil Angel!that myself for many a sleepless night. The truth is that her friendship to the skanky wonder simply made her more of a babe than she may have been without her.
  For example: If Madoka-chan had not hung out with Hiyama we just would have taken her babedom for granted! But because that blonde bimbo of creepiness was always present we understood that Madoka had the patience and endurance of a bald Buddhist monk. She was even kind enough to let Hikaru play around with her man for a bit (before she got tired of her shouting out "Dah-rin!" and jumping on her muffin of manliness every time Kyosuke and her were getting down to business -_-) even though it must have truly pissed her off to see Hik contaminating her personal boy-toy with her skanky arms around his neck from a flying skank maneuver. She had the stamina of a redwood!

  Throw into this pot of kimagure-ness the ability to turn to and from Madoka "the Pick" and Sweety Pie Ayukawa-chan at the drop of a red straw hat and you know every reason why Madoka Ayukawa is the Number one Anime Babe of All Time!

I'll be back!
Madoka ("The Pick")


In Her Own Words: "Well, I must say that it was about time that you guys got it right. At least I jumped from a Runner Up (What the hell were you thinking?!?!) straight to Number One. Somebody would be in a lot of pain right now if I landed shy of this rank.
  Now I would like to thank those most important to me for giving me the will to hold on and keep dreaming (and keep my guitar picks away from me whenever a contest judge came by) or else this would never have happened! Thank you Kyosuke, Kurumi, Manami and Jingoro. Without you guys I never would have made it here^_^"

  "What about me*^_^*? Didn't I help you at all, Madoka-chan?"

  "Ah... Hikaru-chan. There was something I wanted to give you for all the years you've tormented me and my sweetie. Hold still!"

DIE, Hikaru!  DIE!!!!

  ".....Uh..... Thanks..... I, uh---- *Crash!*"

  "Don't mention it ^_~"

  And that, ladies and gents is the Number One Anime Babe of All Time!!!!!!!! Take a bow, Ayukawa-san!

"Kiss off!"
Madoka, the actress in the mirror@_@

Grab her ass!  Grab her ass!
Well, I guess every girl does just want to be a bride. (Just dance in the sweet memories, Ayukawa-san).

"Hey, Madoka.  Let's kill Hikaru and offer her soul to the Overfiend!"  "'Kay"
The guy, the girl, and the lesbian butch! Hey, they could make a show about that- Oh yeah, they already did.

Hey, is that Artemis?!?!
Hey! That's not Jingoro! He's gunna be pissed that she's cheating on him like that!

Madoka Ayukawa.  Soooo hot!  Want to touch the hiney!
Oh baby! You know I'd keep you warm *@_@*

You Jane?  Kick ass!
After she found out that her boyfriend was the Chojin, Madoka decided to get into more suitable attire.



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