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The REAL Number 01(B) AniBabe:  
Lum: the only REAL anime babe.

The goddess of the Universe: LUM!

Reason:  Do you really have to ask? First, look at her. Second, she has green hair (the judges love green hair more than purple hair). Third, she hasSo many Lums to choose from, so little time. the power to make any man who sees her fall hopelessly in love with her at first sight. Fourth, she's the Princess of the Oni (the coolest race of warrior aliens this side of the universe with lil' horns and cute fangs). Fifth, she has the coolest powers any AniBabe could ever even ask for (including flight, "Divine Retribution", and the ability to get totally plastered after only a little sake).

Lum also has her own spaceship with which she can travel galaxy upon galaxy with. The fact that she chooses to stay on Earth and mingle with us "humans" is another point in favor of her.

Sure she may have the ultimate and all-time loser- lecher for a boyfriend, but as it was stated before, "Whomever a babe chooses to love has no bearing what- so- ever on her placement as a Fry him, Lum!  Fry his ass til it's well done!Top Ten Babe." And who knows, maybe someday she'll wise up and dump the chump (At least she likes to electrocute his sorry ass all the time [which was a bonus for her too by the way]). But until she wises up and leaves Moroboshi in the dust, it must be said that her tenacity to love the guy goes beyond anything a normal human could possibly endure. She's got the power.

Not only does Lum have a great body, but she also loves to show it off I swear, she followed me to school.  Can I keep her?whenever she can. Our judges simply love her Itsy Bitsy Tiger- Striped Bikini. And those striped go-go boots are just to die for! No wonder she was pissed when darling took her top from her in their first game of tag (not to mention it was her only one). But, I must be quick to point out that Lum doesn't just look good in her Oni bikini. Oh no. When she's in her school uniform she looks even hotter than Sailor V! Now that is quite a task if I do say so myself.

Lum also has many really cool alien inventions in her possession, any one of which can cause great destruction or wacky fun in the land of Tomobiki (it all depends on what you think is "fun"). The fact that Lum, dressed to kill (hopefully Ataru).Ataru Moroboshi is usually on the receiving end of many of these painful (but wacky) inventions when they either blowup, backfire, or simply don't do as they're supposed to makes our beloved Oni that much more attractive (I think she tries to kill him on purpose, but that may just be my own wishful thinking).

Many people think that Lum's jealous nature is a negative deterent in her personality, but everyone here seems to believe otherwise. The number one reason given by our judges for choosing Lum as the number one AniBabe of Ahhhhh.  Lum in a jealous mood. Kick ass!All Time was "She is just so damn cute when she flies into a jealous rage". All the male judges apparently kept forgetting that she isn't real and spent a long time daydreaming of how great it would be if she was jealous over them. It was up to the female judges to either slap them out of it or use their subspace mallet to remind them of their need to be impartial.

Lum also has her own fan club on earth - a little place called Oh Lum, you look swell (and incredibly yummy!).Tomobiki-cho. It seems that everyone (come human or alien) loves Lum in her town. She even has her own personal Stormtroopers to protect her from any harm (although she's proven that she doesn't really need any protection, she can protect herself pretty well^_^). And her cousin, Jariten, even though he might be a bit crude and rough around the edges, is one of the best sidekicks a babe could have. He's cute, funny, and he loves to literally burn Moroboshi whenever he can. It seems that everyone in Tomobiki-cho would gladly give their lives for our green haired beauty (well, everyone except Ataru).

And there you have it folks. The long countdown is over. The winner and still champion: LUM! The number one Anime Babe of All Time!




In Her Own Words: "Aaaaaaaaaah! I'm so happy-tcha! ArrigatouThe many lovely faces of Lum everybody who made me number one-tcha. This is so much fun, I don't know what to say-tcha. Where's Darling-tcha? I want him to share this moment with me-tcha. Darling? Darling! Darling, where are you-tcha?! You should be here by my side when they name me best babe-tcha! Darling!"

-"Uh, I left."

-"Darling! Get over here now-tcha! I'm not kidding-tcha."

-"Uh, Lum? Maybe it would make you feel better if I stood by your side, hmmmm?"

-"Eh?! Don't touch me there, Rossman-tcha! Baka!"


-"Uhhh.... Ok-k-k-k-kayyyyyy. Ugh........ I think I'll die over here."

-"Darling! I see you running out the door-tcha! Come back here-tcha!"

Uh, what? Is that the end? Okay, okay. Well folks, ladies and gents..... uh, that's Lum, the Oni Princess who also happens to be the number one AniBabe of All Time. G'night.

Green hair and tiger stripes, gawd what a turn on!
What the heck is going on here?!!??! What's Lum doing in a bikini?!?!

Lum on a pillow built for two.

Wow! Two of my favorite things together: Lum and a cat-girl. Nice tail, by the way.

I like to collect babes.
If only I had my own Lum-in-a-jar. She'd make my mantle look so pretty^_^

Stick with the bikini, Lum-chan.
If only I could reach into the mirror and pull another Lum out of it. Ahhhhhhh, wouldn't that be keen?

Sorry, Lum. Were you waiting very long for me? It'll never happen again.

Lum in lace.  How keen.
Shall we dance?

That's my big eyed girl.  Hmmm, come to think of it, I guess Lum is caucasian and not oriental.
Top of the morning to ye, lass. Have you seen Lucky around here lately?

Don't fall!!  Oh wait, she can fly.
Don't fall, Lum! Here, use my body for a cushion!

Sleepy time.
Whoa! When I asked Lum to make my bed, I didn't mean this. But who am I to argue?

Oooooooh, I love the tights.
Abra-ca-dabra! It's a babe!

Lum: Revved up and ready to rock!Honolulu kamehameha, c'mon I wanna layya.

Well, Lum. That's it. I hope you enjoy the priveledge and honor of being number one. Now I must ask you one more time "Can I please come home with you?" Pretty please? You can call me 'Darling' if you want. Aw nutbunnies!

Now it's time to feast your eyes on the rest of the winners of the Ultimate Tribute to Anime - Babedom. The Top Ten Anime Babes of All Time!!!!!

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